Sedation Dentistry in
Pawhuska, Oklahoma

Do you have a problem with your teeth but are afraid to go to your dentist because you’re scared of dental treatments? At Pawhuska Dental, it is our priority to make your dental care experience comfortable and stress-free for you. We offer sedation dentistry services that help you relax and stay free of fear and anxiety during your oral care treatments.

Sedation Dentistry in Pawhuska

Conscious sedation refers to the use of drugs that help reduce anxiety during dental procedures. It also reduces your sense of pain, but you remain conscious and can respond to our questions during treatment.

We offer the following types of sedation at our practice:

Oral Sedation

A pill is given to you about an hour before your dental treatment. Our staff will monitor you throughout the duration of your appointment. You will feel relaxed and drowsy under the effect of oral sedation. Once your treatment is over, make sure someone accompanies you and drives you home. After the sedative wears off, you will hardly have any memory of your oral care procedure. Oral sedation is easy to administer and suits most people well. However, the level of sedation cannot be adjusted during the dental procedure.

Laughing Gas Sedation

In this method, a mixture of laughing gas and oxygen is used to help a patient relax. Sedation is administered utilizing a mask placed over the patient’s nose. The amount of sedation can be adjusted during the procedure. Once the treatment is over, the laughing gas is turned off, and you are allowed to breathe oxygen until you feel normal. This method works really well for people with mild to moderate anxiety, but cannot be administered to patients suffering from respiratory issues or to pregnant women during their 1st trimester.

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Hugh P.

We drive 50 miles over from Ponca City to see Dr. Bulleigh. Did a great job making me two new bridges and capping my teeth.
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Marty K.

Absolutely love pawhuska dental wonderful staff & always willing to help with multiple appointments & making sure it always works for you.
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Teresa T.

Best ever for all- around dental care. I'm one of those people scared of going to the dentist, but now I'm doing great with it and keeping regular appointments!
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