Orthodontics in
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Orthodontic dental treatment addresses irregularities associated with tooth and jaw alignment. It can help improve the smile of people with crowded or inappropriately spaced teeth and also correct imbalances in bites. Pawhuska Dental offers a variety of orthodontic treatment options to help you get a healthy, beautiful smile.

Orthodontics in Pawhuska

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners help to straighten the teeth without the involvement of metal brackets and wires. Orthodontic treatment with clear aligners consists of wearing braces made of clear plastic which work to straighten the teeth gradually by applying slow force. There are no restrictions on the food you can eat since the aligners can be easily removed while eating. The removable attribute of these aligners also comes handy while cleaning the teeth, making them a more hygienic alternative to metal braces (which cannot be removed and are prone to trapping food and bacteria). We offer clear aligners from the following renowned brands:

  • Clear Correct
  • Invisalign

Fast Braces

Fast Braces are an innovative technology in orthodontics that helps to move the teeth and correct their alignment in an efficient way, thereby reducing the treatment time. The braces consist of elastic wires and triangular brackets, which put gentle pressure on the teeth to move them. Fast Braces work by moving the crown and the root of the tooth simultaneously, with minimal discomfort. They are a fast, safe, affordable and much less painful way of straightening your teeth.


Spacers, also known as separators, are needed before the placement of orthodontic molar bands. Since the back teeth lie close to each other, a slight space needs to be created in between them for the molar band to fit. Separators are placed between the back teeth to allow for the molar bands to comfortably fit at your fitting appointment. At first, the spacers may feel a little awkward in the mouth, as there may be a feeling of sensitivity or tenderness in the area. But this is an indication that they are working properly. Once the spacers create enough space between the back teeth, molar bands can be placed to commence your orthodontic treatment.


After your orthodontic treatment is over, and your braces have been removed, retainers are used as post-orthodontic care to ensure that your newly positioned teeth do not move back into their old places. They are individually designed to ensure that the teeth do not revert to their old positions and can be removable or fixed. Usually, retainers need to be worn for almost the same time as you had your braces.

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Hugh P.

We drive 50 miles over from Ponca City to see Dr. Bulleigh. Did a great job making me two new bridges and capping my teeth.
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Marty K.

Absolutely love pawhuska dental wonderful staff & always willing to help with multiple appointments & making sure it always works for you.
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Teresa T.

Best ever for all- around dental care. I'm one of those people scared of going to the dentist, but now I'm doing great with it and keeping regular appointments!
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