Zoom Teeth Whitening in Pawhuska, the best way to get you smiling again

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The Pawhuska Dental Clinic, situated in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, 74056, has been serving people in the field of dentistry since 2010. Our approach to each patient is unique and modern with a touch of traditionalism.

Our team, lead by Dr. Adam Bulleigh, is experienced, excellent, and we always aspire to create the most hospitable environment to treat all the patients, to make them feel comfortable, and to make them feel at home. We are not just people- friendly regarding comfort levels, but also we are friendly regarding your pockets. As a huge name in the dental care world, we tend to treat people of all kinds of pockets, and hence we are very affordable. This shows our primary goal that our patients matter to us more than their fee. Fixing their smiles and making them happy is our goal and we make sure we achieve it every day.

Dazzling, sparkly smiles is everyone’s desire, but since our natural teeth color is a bit yellow toned, to get that white sparkly celebrity smile is difficult for us common people. To go to events and smile with yellow toned teeth can be a bit embarrassing for most of us and hence, we go for teeth whitening treatments. Teeth whitening treatments are a kind of cosmetic dentistry, which makes sure that you get the celebrity-like the smile you have always desired. It is a very simple non-invasive method to change the color of our tooth enamel and further enhancing the beauty of our smiles.

Modernity in the field of dentistry has brought in new methods of bleaching or whitening our teeth. One such new way to whiten our teeth is the Zoom teeth whitening method. The zoom teeth whitening is used by us to correct the discoloration of your teeth, in a faster and more effective manner. Our team uses the Zoom light after applying the zoom Hydrogen Peroxide get on our patients’ teeth. The light helps the gel to penetrate into the teeth, breaking up all kinds of stains and any discoloration. This procedure takes less than an hour but is a sure and secure way to give you whitened teeth in a much faster and an effective manner. After the small procedure is done, you will be given a Zoom home kit for regular follow-ups and touch ups. You may experience a bit sensitivity in your teeth, due to the light penetrating them and this might be a source of discomfort for some, but this will only last for a couple of hours. After that, you will get your desired sparkly smiles you have always wanted.

Consult us and get your teeth whitened and brightened by the revolutionary Zoom teeth whitening method. Visit us- 201 W Main St Pawhuska, OK, 74056. Or call us – (918) 215-4425.