Wisdom Tooth Removal: Extracting The Truth Behind Its Myths

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Wisdom teeth, or known as third molars, are set of teeth located on the farthest end of the dental arches. Usually, this set of teeth are the last ones to erupt and occurs when an individual has crossed adolescence and become a young adult. However, there are some instances that the wisdom tooth would fail to erupt completely; that is why removal of wisdom tooth is necessary.

Wisdom tooth removal is a surgical procedure wherein one or more wisdom teeth are extracted. This is only necessary when a wisdom tooth doesn’t have enough room to grow which will result in extreme pain and discomfort, infection, or other dental problems. A dentist or an oral surgeon usually performs a wisdom tooth removal procedure.

tooth extraction

Having wisdom teeth removed is sometimes considered as a rite of passage, while some people would find its removal a nerve-wracking procedure. They would tend to endure the pain or discomfort they are experiencing rather than have the tooth removed. This fear about the extraction of wisdom teeth stems back to the myths tossed around by some people. This misleading and inaccurate information about wisdom teeth removal may somehow affect how an individual views the procedure. Below are common myths about wisdom teeth removal and the truth behind them.

Myth 1. Wisdom teeth must always be removed.

Wisdom teeth do not always require extraction; it is only necessary when the teeth are impacted, infected, or causing other issues. Some people have their wisdom teeth erupted adequately and healthily, which means that they don’t need to undergo wisdom teeth removal.

Myth 2. Wisdom teeth removal is necessary before orthodontic treatment.

Wisdom teeth can sometimes cause the teeth to shift; that is why the dentist may recommend having them pulled out before undergoing orthodontic work. However, orthodontic treatment can sometimes be done without removing the wisdom teeth.

Myth 3. Everyone has wisdom teeth.

Surprisingly, not everyone has wisdom teeth. Some people have their wisdom teeth beneath their gums that never erupt. Others may only have one or two, while some don’t have any at all. 

Myth 4. Wisdom teeth removal is dangerous.

Although wisdom teeth removal is a type of surgery, and there may be some risks to all surgeries, but this procedure is common and is usually safe. You have your dentists or oral surgeons who are experts in this case.

Myth 5. Impacted wisdom teeth that are not painful won’t need extraction.

Pain-free impacted wisdom teeth do not necessarily mean that they are free from disease or problems. Complications such as damage to the adjacent teeth, cyst formation, or infection can occur in impacted wisdom teeth. 

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