What You Need To Know About Root Canal Treatment

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Saving one’s teeth is one tricky process. We are faced with so many confusing terms. In some cases, we may get lost while trying to understand the treatment prescribed to us. One with numerous misconceptions is the root canal treatment. People are usually fearful when they hear about this procedure because of the various myths surrounding it. 

root canal treatment

Understanding Root Canal

Having a root canal is recommended when there is an infection deep within the tooth. This process saves the decaying and infected tooth from further damage. Without treatment, the infection will worsen, and the tooth may have to be removed. The process of root canal involves the extraction of the infected or damaged area, also known as the pulp. The area will then be cleaned and disinfected. After that, filling and sealing will follow suit.

Due to some unverified information, the process of getting a root canal treatment has been shrouded in myths. We, at Pawhuska Dental, listed some common myths and the truth about them.

The Myths Surrounding Root Canal

Root canal is a painful procedure. Long ago, it was a painful treatment because they didn’t have the technology we have in the present. Fortunately for us, we live in a time where modern technology and anesthetics aid us in the process of undergoing root canal treatment. The treatment is comfortable and as painless as filling a cavity.

Extracting a tooth is better than undergoing a root canal. According to the American Association of Endodontists, saving one’s tooth is the best option for no dental prosthesis can replace the function or appearance of natural teeth. The root canal treatment has a high success rate, and the saved tooth has a possibility of lasting a lifetime. 

Illnesses can result from this treatment. Although this information has spread around the internet, there is no valid evidence that links root canal to any diseases in the human body.

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