The Benefits Professional Teeth Whitening

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Nowadays, achieving a pearly-white smile is easier than ever before. By just scanning the dental care aisle of a grocery store, you will surely come across numerous products that promise to give its users a smile they are aiming for. The same thing goes to online shops. There are kits, creams, strips, toothpaste, or even powder that are supposed to contain ingredients that whiten teeth. Are these products effective?

At Pawhuska Dental, instead of using these ineffective products, we recommend the professional approach in whitening the teeth. The problem with over the counter products is, it needs to be used multiple times before it even shows the slightest effect. However, this defeats the purpose of being effective and convenient to use. Our answer? At-home teeth whitening approach, provided by a dental professional. To make this possible, patients will schedule an appointment for dentists to take the measurements needed for the custom-made whitening trays. They will also be provided with the special whitening solution to use twice a day for 30 minutes or overnight.

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Why should people choose the professional approach instead of over the counter teeth whitening options? Here is a list of reasons:


As already mentioned above, OTC products need to be used multiple times—for weeks or even months before results are achieved. But with the professional at-home option, utilizing it overnight or 30 minutes can already give patients one step in achieving the results they desire.


Not everyone nowadays has time to spare to go to the dentist and have their teeth whitened. The good news is, by using professional at-home whitening, it is like having the dentist themselves perform the procedure—even when they are sleeping.


Although over the counter options are more affordable, they are not the most reliable option patients should opt for. These products are less likely to have the seal of approval that proves they are safe to use. Instead of having a white smile, these products may even cause damage to the enamel.

Improved self-esteem

The outcome of mindlessly consuming teeth-staining substances can cause a person’s confidence to drop. They may become more self-conscious when around other people. The good news is, by giving a solution to teeth stains, people can become more confident—therefore; improving their self-esteem.

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