Invisalign Starter-Pack That You Should Own in Pawhuska, OK

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Despite the amazing result of Invisalign treatment, living with the clear aligners on is not always a smooth ride. You will have to experience trouble with the device, and at times, you will need to deal with cuts and soreness. A back-up is all that you need in order to counter these hassles. If you have Invisalign aligners in your mouth, make sure to get these essential tools that we at Pawhuska Dental recommend.

Moist towelettes or cleansing sprays

In times where rinsing the aligner is inconvenient, wiping it with a towelette can help eliminate the unwanted residues. Another quick way to clean the aligner is by using a spray bottle. Just add an adequate amount of water in the spray and spritz it afterward to the aligner.

Dental floss

The last thing that you probably want to experience is to have the leftover foods cake in your orthodontic device. Aside from the fact that it is gross, stuck foods can make your aligner noticeable. Dental floss eliminates the unwanted particles in your teeth, making your pearly whites and Invisalign trays appear cleaner.

Orthodontic wax

You might think that orthodontic waxes are only for braces-wearers. However, you too need this thing to combat discomfort caused by the sharp edges of the oral device. Sometimes, the dentist might include certain attachments and buttons in your aligner which can be uncomfortable; an orthodontic wax would come in handy, therefore.

Invisalign chewies

Do not get surprised to see a soft, spongy roll inside your Invisalign case. The dentist usually gives it along with the aligners. That thing is called Invisalign chewies. Their purpose is to get rid of the air space between your teeth and the aligner. You can have them in different colors and flavors. But if you want a plain chewy, opt for the unscented one in color white.

Oral care kit (travel-sized)

For those who are wearing an Invisalign aligner, practicing good oral hygiene is a must. The wearer must clean both the device and their teeth before popping the clear aligner back in. A travel-sized oral care kit is necessary for the person to maintain the cleanliness of their mouth anytime, anywhere.


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