Five Ways Dental Implants Will Improve Your Life, Pawhuska

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  1. Dental implants are one of the latest innovations in the world of dentistry. With these, one can have a set of teeth which are akin to the natural set of teeth of a person. One can have a single implant as well and even go in for a whole set of these ‘new teeth.’ This is how dental implants differ from dentures. Dentures make the facial appearance of the person change by quite a bit. In fact so much so, that any other person who knows the patient will be able to make out the difference in their facial appearance even from afar.
  2. Dental implants are permanent. A titanium screw is drilled into the jawbone. The jawbone grows around the titanium screw naturally, and the screw becomes firm in its position in a matter of three or four months. A dental cap or crown is placed atop the titanium screw to function as the tooth which the world sees. The dental implants are not removed at all after they are drilled in. Dentures, on the flip side, are removed each night and placed in a jar of cleansing solution into which a cleansing tablet has been added. They need to be brushed with this cleansing solution or with soap or a toothpaste meant for this purpose
  3. Dental implants can last the entire duration of the lifetime of a person, provided they are cared for well and proper. Such is not the case with dentures which need to be changed after every five to seven years since they may become loose or ill-fitting. The dental implants need to be brushed twice daily for at least two minutes each time. Also, dental flossing them is highly recommended once each day. The dental implants need to be checked upon by the dentist now and then for minor and periodic adjustments. Dentures, to need to be shown to the dentist for professional cleaning and other related work.
  4. With dentures, there is a bit of danger of them falling out of the mouth accidentally if the patient wearing them laughs too loudly. This is not likely to happen with dental implants since they are embedded into the jawbone and cannot come out of it. Also, the dental cap or crown sitting atop the titanium screw is of a lot of strength.
  5. Also, there is a bit of fear of the dentures cracking or breaking if the person wearing them bites into a food item which is very hard or sticky. This is not so the case with dental implants. They are far stronger, and there is no real danger of them cracking or breaking. The titanium screw, as mentioned above, is inside the jawbone. Hence, nothing can happen to it. The only exposed part is the dental cap or crown which is very strong.
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