Everything You Need to Know About Oral Surgery in Pawhuska

Maintenance of oral health takes a lot of time and effort. No matter how simple the steps sound- brush, floss, tongue clean, mouthwash; some people still cannot match the level of actual clean and shiny teeth in a highly maintained mouth. Keys to a good oral health also go through the doors of a dentist. Visiting a dentist for regular clean-ups and check-ups are significant for your oral health. If not done properly, various drawbacks can take place, and for them, you would need to take the help of oral surgeries.

The first question that comes to our minds is what oral surgery is? Oral surgeries at our clinic in Pawhuska, 74056, can range from bone grafting to root canal to tooth extractions. Oral surgery is a branch of dentistry that deals with any irregularity occurring in the jaws, mouth, face or any illness or injury in the same areas. Thus, any problems incurred in the ligaments of a person near or in the jaw or mouth of a person can be treated and fixed with the help of oral surgery.

Our team of professionals at our clinic in Pawhuska, provide you with the best dental care services including the oral surgeries. No matter how much you dread the oral surgeries, our team makes it a point to make you feel at home and comfortable and relaxed during the surgery. Our modern technology infused with the traditional approach to fixing your mouth is what makes our oral surgeries unique.

Oral surgeries are an important part of various dental procedures. For example, before getting implants and fixing them to your jaws, you shall need the help of oral surgeries. Oral surgery can assist us in dealing with certain problems and fix them for us as no other procedure can. Like, the misalignment of teeth can be treated and fixed only with the help oral surgery methodologies.

Mainly, oral surgery comprises of two main surgeries- tooth extractions and bone grafting. Tooth extraction, the surgical ones can be a bit tricky sometimes, but our team performs such surgeries under local anesthesia, with their advanced skills. Under oral surgical methods, tooth extraction becomes necessary when the tooth that has not fully grown out yet, needs fixing. Whereas, the bone grafting surgery is a type of oral surgery that is also performed under local anesthesia. However, in this procedure, a part of the jaw is incised, and then a graft is fixed within. Later the area is cleaned thoroughly to make sure there are no other signs of any debris. Bone grafting can be required because sometimes our jaw bones can be too weak to support our implants.

Consult our team of professionals to know more about oral surgeries and get yourself treated with the most functional teeth and happy smiles. Visit us – 201 W Main St Pawhuska, OK 74056. Or call us – (918) 215-4425.