Dental Floss and Thought-provoking Scoops About it, Pawhuska

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Flossing for Dental Health


Dental floss according to Collins dictionary, is a thin, strong thread for removing food particles from between the teeth or plaque from unexposed tooth surfaces.

While numerous studies revealed that flossing is essential to prevent the occurrence of cavities, tooth loss, bad breath, periodontal gum disease, etc., there are some scoops you might want to know about dental floss:

  • Dental Floss was popularized and introduced by a dentist in New Orleans named Dr. Levi Spear Parmly in 1819. His book entitled “Practical Guide to the Management of the Teeth,” suggested that people should floss with the use of waxed silk thread “to dislodge that irritating matter which no brush can remove, and which is the real source of disease.”
  • Dental Floss was banned in jail way back in 1994 after an inmate invented a rope to breakout from South Central Regional Jail in South Charleston, West Virginia. He used a seven 100 yard packs of dental floss and shaped 48 strands of mint flavored floss into braid the width of a telephone cord.  
  • Flossing may be a challenge and tiresome for some but innovative ways of making flossing fun have been discovered through comical and weird dental floss flavors. A website revealed 11 unusual flavors including cupcake frosting; bacon flavored, Justin Bieber, absinthe flavor, pumpkin spice, assorted breakfast, pickle, salad, ranch, banana and cat food.
  • An updated survey of over 1000 adults revealed that 80% of Americans concede to employing slightly ill-fitted or improper, unhygienic means to floss or remove food particles from their teeth. Items revealed to be used fingernails (61%), folded paper/ cards (40%), cutlery such as fork, knife, spoon (21%), safety pins (14%), and a strand of hair (7%).
  • An article written by Dental News reported that “A dental technology company named BLIZZIDENT developed a cool 3D-Flosser. It uses a 3D scan of a customer’s mouth creating a special flossing wireframe, onto which four rolls of dental floss are fed. The result is a device that, when a user closes their mouth over it, flosses every gap in their teeth with impressive precision. No effort required.”
  • An investigation by Associated Press (AP) exposed that even though the use of dental Floss is universally recommended and promoted by dental organizations and federal governments, there is little scientific proof or weak evidence to support that flossing works.

Tooth be told, dental health is very vital. Developing good oral habits such as brushing and flossing could lead to better teeth and better health.

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