Custom vs. Over the Counter Mouth Guards – Pawhuska, OK

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People who love to play sports for fun or competitively may be familiar with an oral device that is used to protect their mouth from damage. And the common question in their minds is this, “Is over the counter mouth guard the same as custom made?” Let us at Pawhuska Dental provide the answer.


Since people are presented with several options, it is best to weigh each properly to end up with the most ideal. For instance, with mouth guards, there are three types: stock, boil & bite, and custom. The first two can be purchased in most sporting goods store, while the latter is customized at a dental office. But, are all of them ideal for use?

  • Stock Mouth Guards are easy to buy and ready to wear. However, they are not assured to fit the mouth, and little adjustments can be performed. Instead of helping athletes, the device can cause them discomfort and even breathing difficulty. What’s more is, the appliance does not offer adequate protection.
  • Boil & bite Mouth Guards, as the name implies, should be heated first so that the thermoplastic material would soften. As soon as it is cool enough for the mouth, the athlete would bite down and shape it with their fingers. Doing so offers a better fit than the former option. However, the protection it provides is still not enough.
  • Custom Mouth Guards are made based on the impression taken from a patient and instructions given by the dentist. Factors like comfort, safety, and effectivity in protecting the teeth are taken into consideration. It is to make sure that the patient who will be wearing the device would enjoy doing the things they love without any worry and discomfort.

With the points provided above, it seems that the ideal choice is getting custom mouth guards. However, if these are not enough, there are more reasons to go for a professionally crafted option. Read on below.


Although custom mouth guards are more expensive, by protecting the teeth effectively, patients are less likely to sustain injuries that may need extensive treatments. As a result, protecting the mouth effectively reduces the risk of spending large amounts of money in the future.

Best fit

Dental professionals make sure that careful impressions are taken to create a snugly fitting device. Do know that its fit plays a significant role in the protection and comfort of the patient. If the mouth guard is too small or too big, discomfort and pain can be experienced.


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