Brace Yourself for a Moving Experience in Pawhuska, OK!

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Are your teeth bothering you? Have these been causing you to avoid talking or smiling when with other people? That’s not good! Teeth irregularities do not only affect a person’s appearance but their psychological well-being as well. Been thinking of getting a treatment to have it fixed, but the traditional option causes you to worry more? Well, it might have been the best solution in correcting several teeth imperfections in the past years, but not everyone is comfortable in the thought of having a mouth full of metal brackets and wires, especially nowadays.


Teeth with Braces


But thanks to the ever advancing technology, dentistry has been improving its procedures to cater to the needs of many patients effectively. And in terms of orthodontic care, more and more options emerged that claims to eliminate the hassles of the traditional approach. Has it been successful? Yes! Fastbraces, as its name implies, promises to straighten the teeth faster compared to the usual duration of several years, but there is more to it. Here are the benefits of Fastbraces for patients to enjoy a moving experience at Pawhuska Dental!


One of the worries many patients had with metal braces is the pain and discomfort it brings during the treatment. While it is actually common for all orthodontic options, Fastbraces has reduced its effects. It may promise quicker results, yet it does not compromise one’s safety as well as comfort. It uses flexible archwires with shape memory technology to deliver a constant yet much-controlled force on the teeth for its movement, thereby reducing discomfort.


Most people dread the long treatment time with metal braces. Fortunately, Fastbraces straightening has become a more favorable and exciting procedure. It almost cuts the treatment time to half which is one of the best news braces-wearer can hear. It does so by moving the crown and the roots at the same time instead of the traditional way of focusing in one part at a time.


Compared to metal braces, the brackets used for Fastbraces are triangular which takes up a smaller space on a tooth, making it appear more discreet. Patients even have the option of choosing clear or tooth-colored materials for the brackets and wires for a visually pleasing outcome.

Cleaner, Healthier Teeth

Since patients wear the braces in a shorter amount of time, they can gain access to all the areas in the mouth faster too. One concern about metal braces is the difficulty of maintaining the teeth during its wear. But Fastbraces allows its proper maintenance to be done in less time, preventing the occurrence of any dental complications.


Bring out your best smile with FastBraces in Pawhuska, OK, book your appointments with Pawhuska Dental! Call us to experience an outstanding treatment in making your teeth straighter, beautiful and healthy!