A Brief History of Teeth Whitening – Pawhuska, OK

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Teeth whitening is the most common type of cosmetic dentistry procedure performed for patients who want to achieve whiter and healthier looking smiles. The procedure is known to be effective and efficient in providing results which makes it ideal for teens and students who want to achieve visible results in a shorter time.

The procedure works by breaking down any stains that have accumulated on the surface of the teeth. By doing this, it removes the impurities that cause teeth discoloration which makes it appear brighter. Common factors that cause discoloration are foods or beverages with strong colors, certain medications, age, poor habits, and other dental complications.

At Pawhuska Dental, we provide a procedure that can whiten the teeth dramatically for the improvement of the appearance and overall wellness of patients. For those patients who have dental prostheses, replacements can be performed to make sure that the teeth will appear whiter without any restrictions.

Teeth Whitening

The History of Teeth Whitening

  • The ancient Egyptians are notorious for their beautification techniques. One example is teeth whitening, for them the whiter the teeth, the wealthier a person is. They have developed a method where they mix wine vinegar and ground pumice; it is then applied to the teeth directly with the use of small tree branches.
  • On the other hand, ancient Romans use the mixture of urine and goat milk to whiten their teeth. It was ammonia on the urine that served as the bleaching agent for this technique.
  • Before barbers do not only cut hair, they were also in charge of keeping the oral health of most people. What they do to treat dental complications is to extract the teeth even if it can still be saved. For teeth whitening, however, they use metal files on the teeth and apply nitric acid to remove the stains.
  • The beginning of a better and more advance whitening treatment was discovered when dental professionals were studying techniques for healing gum disease. They discovered the effects of peroxide-based solutions in whitening the teeth. They have also added the use of heated lamps to add heat energy.
  • As time passed by, the use of bleaching lights and lasers were discovered to hasten the whitening of the teeth.
  • Dentistry procedures and treatments have been evolving throughout the years to cater to each patient’s need. Teeth whitening has now multiple brands that can brighten the teeth up to 8 shades whiter!

Teeth whitening can be the solution for people who want to have brighter and healthier looking teeth that can be achieved through a non-invasive dental procedure. Improve the teeth’s appearance and health for better overall wellness with teeth whitening!


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